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What Exactly Are Luna Labyrinths?

Different Types of Labyrinths:

When it comes to labyrinths, many people are familiar with two basic types.  The first type, and by far the oldest, is a design made up of simple concentric paths.  These may vary in size from 3 circuits to 15 circuits or more.  However, the best known of these is the 7-circuit classical labyrinth, sometimes called the Cretan labyrinth.  It is very popular as both a walking labyrinth and a finger labyrinth.

The next most common labyrinth type comes from the Medieval era.  It is more complex, with horizontal and upper vertical turns added to the path in a cruciform alignment.  Most of them also have more than 7 circuits.  This type of labyrinth can be found inside some Medieval churches, as well as outdoors, often with the pattern being cut into the turf.  The Chartres Labyrinth is the most famous Medieval labyrinth, but there are others.  The Chartres Labyrinth is also very popular as both a walking labyrinth and a finger labyrinth.

Contemporary Labyrinth Designs:

In 2004 I created a sub-category of labyrinth design in between these two main types.  The full circuits represented a “full moon,” the half-circuits represented a “half-moon,” and the result became Luna Labyrinths.  I was surprised by how many variations became possible with this new format.

My smallest Luna Labyrinth, consisting of only 3 circuits, was named “Lunita.”  (The original meaning of the word means “little moon.”  I am aware that there are other uses of the term currently.  I am sticking with “little moon.”)  I have seen my original drawing of Lunita pinned and re-pinned on numerous Pinterest boards related to labyrinths.  This surprised me because it was so small.


Perhaps that was actually its appeal.  Small labyrinths fit more easily into a garden setting.  However, my primary intention for my labyrinth designs has always been for finger labyrinths.

Updated Versions of my Lunita Labyrinth:

I now have two updated versions of my Lunita Labyrinth in my Finger Labyrinth Store:



Several additional Luna Labyrinths can be found both in the Store at as well as my Finger Labyrinth Gallery at  If you want to see all of my Luna Labyrinth designs, the collection is found here: