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Tracing Gemini Finger Labyrinths with Both Hands for Improved Focus, Concentration

Tracing finger labyrinths with both hands simultaneously can help improve focus and concentration.  Trace one of our Gemini Finger Labyrinths two different ways: (A) start tracing from each entrance to center and out again, and (B) starting with one hand at an entrance going inward, and the other hand starting in the center and moving outward.  Then reverse direction. In addition, the “mirror image” format of our Gemini Finger Labyrinths can be rotated 180° to change the orientation for a longer activity. Tracing either type of Gemini Finger Labyrinth with just one hand at the end of the exercise, or at any other time, is a useful calming technique, the same as with a more traditional type of finger labyrinth.

Our technique for tracing two separate finger labyrinths for an extended right-brain/left-brain activity

The two separate finger labyrinths can be two of the same design (which you may already have) or two entirely different designs (preferable), but it’s best if they both have the same number of circuits.

This technique involves a rotation series of the two finger labyrinths combined with two different ways to trace the paths simultaneously. The greater the number of circuits and turns, the more challenging this activity will be.

  1. ROTATION SERIES: Beginning with both entrances at the 6:00 position, trace the finger labyrinths as outlined below.  Rotate left finger labyrinth entrance to 9:00, right entrance to 3:00 and trace.  Rotate both finger labyrinth entrances to 12:00; then left finger labyrinth to 3:00 and the one on the right to 9:00; then left at 6:00, right at 12:00; then left at 12:00, right at 6:00. If you are using two different labyrinth designs, you can then switch their positions and repeat the rotation series.
    1. Trace with the traditional method of both hands starting at the entrance, going in and back out again.
    2. Trace with one hand starting at entrance and going inward, and the other hand starting at center and going outward, then reversing direction.