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Labyrinth Variations & Meandering Meditations

By October 30, 2015November 16th, 2016Labyrinth Designs

Labyrinth Variations: 

How many labyrinth variations are possible?  What makes a labyrinth distinctive and unique?  Just as arranging the same basic musical notes differently creates a unique melody or harmony, it is the different arrangement of turns on the path and the number of circuits that distinguishes one labyrinth design from another and makes it unique.

Meandering Meditations: 

Welcome to, where you will find a great many original labyrinth designs to assist with meditation and stress management, as well as our unique approach to using finger labyrinths for right-brain/left-brain exercises for improving focus and concentration.  (See our home page for tracing techniques.)

Our store will be open in the very near future, so please check back soon!

Update November 2016:  Finger Labyrinth Store is Now Open!